Female Fiction

(source: Evening Telegraph 28 February 2018)

What began as a textile design idea of mine has grown to become more than a fictional entity. With many of my designs, the seed of a design plants itself in my mind and then swiftly grows and matures. This process inevitably results in designs that morph into fictional characters with individual personalities behind them.

And this is exactly what happened with Isla Rose...

Isla Rose, to all intents and purposes, embodies the best and most striking characteristics of my grandmother. Grannie Margaret, with her flame red hair and fiesty personality always championed women's rights. Well known in Barnhill for her outspoken, direct and forceful views (both on and off the golf course), Grannie was an inspiration and role model throughout my childhood.

Isla Rose is now becoming a symbol throughout the Scottish women's golfing community for empowerment and accessibility for all golfers...


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